Replication guide for open-source smart city solutions


A replication guide for open-source smart city solutions from one city to another. The activities are part of the SCORE-project where nine cities share experiences of using open data to ensure a healthy urban development.


 This is a tool for project managers, coordinators and decision makers engaged in smart city projects to facilitate the replication of such open source smart city solutions from one city to another. They highlight technical aspects of replication, essential considerations for assuring an enabling context for successful replication, as well as how this links to overall initiatives of digital transformation.

The guidelines can also be useful for developers and programmers who want to know more about the context for preparation and implementation to be able to work with their city on replication of open solutions.

Three main topics:

  • Definitions and background information
  • Understanding the replication process of open-source smart city solutions
  • How to replicate open-source smart city solutions step by step

Replication Guidelines Open source solutions - Download 

The guide is well-aligned with great initiatives, such as the "Living-in. EU declaration" and establishes strong links to local initiatives too, while showing a way forward to working with open source solutions.

Johanneberg Science Park has also developed a step-by-step guide for integration and testing in Urban Living Labs

Partners: Amsterdam City (project manager), Bradford, Hamburg, Bergen, Gothenburg, Aberdeen, Aarhus, Ghent, Dordrecht, University of Aarhus, University of Bradford, Amsterdam Data Science. 
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