Celsius Initiative

Celsius City Illustration

Accelerating energy transition in cities - CELSIUS is a collaboration hub for efficient, integrated heating and cooling solutions supporting cities in their energy transition to carbon-neutral systems. CELSIUS gathers and shares technical, economic, social and policy expertise. CELSIUS connects members, exchange and foster innovation, leading to solutions that accelerate sustainable development in Europe and across the world.


Celsius is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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More information available on: www.celsiuscity.eu

For more information, contact:

Katrina Folland, Koordinator Celsius Initiative

+46 707 61 23 89 katrina.folland@johannebergsciencepark.com LinkedIn

Communication issues

Karin Weijdegård, Kommunikatör

+46 735 25 27 08 karin.weijdegard@johannebergsciencepark.com LinkedIn

Communication issues:

Emilia Pisani , Kommunikatör

+46 709 74 21 96 emilia.pisani@johannebergsciencepark.com LinkedIn