Master Thesis Fair - Energy  

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Datum & tid 10 oktober 2023 - 12:00
– 10 oktober 2023 - 15:00
Entrance Floor, Chalmersplatsen 1, Chalmers Conference Centre, Göteborg, Sverige

Join this fair to exchange ideas about master thesis projects with focus on energy. Students, researchers, companies or the public sector - Welcome!

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Chalmers University of Technology works actively with finding platforms where our students can meet and co-operate with industry and the public sector. So, if your organisation has a research problem for one of our students to solve, and you do not know where to begin or whom to contact, then you should be interested in our master thesis fair; a venue for exchanging ideas that are suitable for a master theses project. Collaboration with an external organisation provides great values for Chalmers’s students, researchers, and to your organisation. 

At Chalmers University of Technology, every master's programme is completed with a master's thesis work. The overall goal of the concluding degree project is to display knowledge and capability required for independent work as a Master degree in engineering. An opportunity to apply knowledge to the real world, especially, when collaborating with industry or the public sector. The master's thesis, which includes a public report and a public oral presentation, comprises 30 credits (corresponding 16 weeks of work) and is supervised by Chalmers researchers.

Johanneberg Science Park and Chalmers University of Technology co-arrange this fair. Johanneberg Science Park bring together academia, society and a variety of large and small companies. Together we run national and international innovation projects and test solutions for future challenges. One important mission is to drive the strategic planning for the meeting places to complement and strengthen each other in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, Chalmersfastigheter and Akademiska Hus.  

Who should attend:

Any energy related company or the public sector that has a strong interest in engaging master thesis students are invited to present their organisation and current/future project ideas. Chalmers industry strategic partners, industry collaborators connected to the competence centers and other Area of Advance are especially encouraged to participate. 

Master students who are interested in working with an organisation for the thesis are encouraged to participate. Chalmers researchers who are considering participating as supervisors are also welcome to attend. Student registration opens later. 

Time: 12.00 - 15.00, October 10th 2023, 

Questions? Please contact:

Networking opportunity for participating companies

After the closing of the fair, we invite participating companies to join us for a tour on campus focusing on current research within Chalmers Energy Area of Advance as well as innovation projects at Johanneberg Science Park. We end the tour at Johanneberg Science Park at the southern end of campus where we enjoy drinks and a two-course dinner. 

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Video from 2022

Please contact:

Tove Arnsvik Bjurefalk, Kommunikatör

+46 708 58 29 35 LinkedIn