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Over five years ago, in 2017, a large group of people from all over Europe embarked upon an innovation journey to make their cities more sustainable and improve the quality of life of their fellow citizens. They wanted to provide solutions to significantly increase their cities’ overall energy and resource efficiency through actions addressing the building stock, energy systems, mobility, and air quality as well as informing and engaging with their inhabitants on their proposed solutions.


In the Magazine you will find descriptions and testimonials of the experiences from the people who participated in this project: from snapshots of the key technologies developed such as vehicle-to-grid charging, second life batteries, building retrofitting and innovative mobility services, to examples of young citizens taking the lead in making their neighbourhoods safer and cleaner, to a look at how European collaboration takes place, the challenges it can present, and what lessons can be learned from this experience so that managing city innovation in future can become a bit easier for everyone.

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Eva Edman Pavic, Projektkoordinator

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