BEYOND 2020 goes virtual!

24 juni 2020

After months of considering different options, we are happy to announce that BEYOND 2020 World Sustainable Built Environment Conference will take place online on 2-4th November 2020.

Even though the physical event originally planned for June 2020 in Gothenburg had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 situation, it is important that the building sustainability dialogue continues, as:

  1. We have less than 4000 days to meet the UN Sustainable Development goals!
  2. There will be no vaccine against climate change, and we have to act now!
  3. We need to #buildbackbetter!

“We do not believe that it is very likely for regular conferences to take place anytime soon again, and therefore it is important that stakeholders in the built environment embrace the new digital ways of exchanging, learning, and networking”, says Holger WallbaumProfessor in  Sustainable building at Chalmers University of Technology and Chair of BEYOND 2020“Very importantly, the online conference will allow us to discuss the urgent questions related to climate change action and sustainability in the built environment, without causing a significant carbon footprint in the process”. 

Just as it would have been the case at the physical event, BEYOND 2020 online conference will be hosted by our moderator Angela Lamont who has a vast experience in moderating online conferences. As she points out, “The online opportunities nowadays are incredible and help to address some of the issues traditional events face. Online conferences are generally more accessible, affordable and environmentally friendly, and I am very happy to continue my collaboration with BEYOND 2020 in this format”.

We could not agree more, and even though we would  have loved to welcome you in beautiful Gothenburg in the second week of June, we are just as excited to meet you online on 2-4thNovember 2020!
Keep an eye on the conference website and follow us on the Social Media to be always up-to-date.


For more information, contact:

Karin Weijdegård, Kommunikatör

+46 735 25 27 08 LinkedIn