Would we act differently if we saw the air pollution?

Air pollution
Datum & tid2 oktober 2020 - 11:00
Kostnad: Kostnadsfritt

Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. Every year around 7 million deaths are due to exposure from both outdoor and household air pollution.

This event address air pollutants and what we can do together to reduce the emissions and the personal exposure of air pollutants.

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11.00-12.00 Webinar:
Welcome & Introduction
Historical aspect on air pollution
Air quality today and air quality monitoring
Air quality around the world
Emissions from traffic
What can we do to improve air quality? What can we do to reduce exposure? Did the lock down effect the air quality?

Johan Boman, University of Gothenburg
Mattias Hallquist, University of Gothenburg
Ågot Watne, City of Gothenburg
Ravi Kant Pathak, University of Gothenburg
Sally Jones, City of Bradford
Dhaval Thakker, Bradford University

12.00 - 13.00: Disussion (max 30 guests)
Deeper discussion with experts and participants on how you as a citizen can be part of the work to improve air quality and how to improve public service delivery on air quality. 

Language: English, but we will be open for questions in Swedish.

We will send the online link to notified guests just before the event.

Contact for questions: Evdoxia.Kouraki@JohannebergSciencePark.com 

The event is arranged as part of The International Science Festival in Gothenburg. One of Europe’s leading popular science events.

This event is arranged by SCORE - Smart Cities + Open Data Re-use. 
SCORE aims to increase efficiency and quality of public services in cities through smart and open data-driven solutions.  SCORE is a European Union funded project with nine cities and three universities participating.
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