Celsius Talk: Policy recommendations for carbon neutral energy systems and markets

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Datum & tid16 april 2019 - 10:30
Kostnad: Kostnadsfritt

Without the right policies in place to support the deployment of energy efficient systems, the innovative solutions that cities develop may only have a limited and/or slow impact. Furthermore, depending on the climate goals set at the local, national and international levels, the policies and regulations needed will vary. What is certain is that a decisive legal framework needs to be put in place by the relevant authorities when developing their strategic energy plans.

Addressing policy recommendations that support the transition to carbon neutral local energy systems and markets, representatives from the Fossil-free Energy Districts project (FED), Heat Roadmap Europe and Energy Cities will get together to discuss this important subject.

Join us on Tuesday April 16 at 10:30 CET for an interactive webinar with:

Moderated by:
Julien Joubert, project manager at Energy Cities

About the experts
Having developed a unique local marketplace for electricity, district heating and cooling, FED strives to decrease the use of energy and the dependence on fossil fuel in the built environment. This innovative effort, lead by the City of Gothenburg, has developed 6 regulatory and policy recommendations to help regulatory bodies and policy makers make the necessary adjustments to enable the realisation of local integrated energy systems.

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The event will take place on the digital plattform Zoom.
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