Celsius Talk: Financing – success stories, challenges and solutions

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Datum & tid28 maj 2020 - 10:30
Kostnad: Kostnadsfritt

A deep dive into the muddy waters of financing. We will try to get some clarity by sorting out what the major challenges are and find the answers on how we can overcome them.

Supporting us in this endeavor will be:

Simon Wyke, principal policy and programme officer at the Greater London Authority, present success stories with financial instruments for sustainable city transition within heating and cooling.

Fredrik Block, portfolio manager at the City of Gothenburg, working with the city’s green bond program, he will share advice for cities looking into setting up their own green bonds. Gothenburg was the first city in the world to issue green bonds.

Kristina Lygnerud – Energy Department Manager at IVL, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Assistant Professor at Halmstad University will give some highlights from the UAETP’s coming position paper for financial instruments.

Rolf Bastiaanssen, Partner at Bax & Company,  will present the three main recommendations from the financial sector to the Celcius programme and its partner cities.

The discussion will be led by Magnus Andersson, head of financing engineering at the Celsius Initiative, partner at IMCG and UAETP chair.


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