Test bed for sustainable local energy systems


Local energy systems have proved to be an important part of the solution for tomorrow’s sustainable energy systems. Sweden’s target of 50% more efficient energy use is to be achieved by 2030, in parallel with trends such as urbanisation as well as electrification in the transport, industry, construction and other sectors. At the Chalmers campus, there is integrated infrastructure for a local energy system with three energy carriers, electricity, heating and cooling, which can be utilised by external actors for testing and demonstrating products, services and integrated solutions.


There are many technologies available on today’s market, but there are also many new actors eager to claim a share of the changing market and be involved when local energy systems are implemented on a larger scale than today.

The test bed at the Chalmers campus focuses on local production and storage of electricity, heating and cooling, as well as on digital products and solutions such as energy management systems. But we’re open to all types of sustainable ideas that are aimed, in different ways, at achieving greater energy efficiency, improved power management, etc.

More than infrastructure

A test bed is a physical or virtual environment that is open for use by businesses, academia and other organisations for the purpose of promoting collaboration over the development, testing and launch of new products, services, processes or organisational solutions in various areas. Linked to the infrastructure on the campus, we also have an organisation that responds to actors’ enquires, guides them in the right direction and supports the development work in various ways. We also have a community of people with various expertise and organisational backgrounds, where we collaborate over new products, exchange ideas and experiences and build knowledge together.

JSP’s network of property owners and urban development projects offers excellent opportunities for testing, including on a demo scale.

As a business owner, you can run your own projects, with our support, and you can also develop collaborative projects with actors from companies and academia in the test bed community.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Chalmers test bed for sustainable local energy systems has its origins in the project FED – Fossil Free Energy Districts – which was conducted on the campus until the end of 2019. Read more about the project and the results here.

Project partners: Akademiska Hus, Chalmers, Chalmersfastigheter AB, Göteborg Energi, RISE

Managed by Johanneberg Science Park

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