Regional Electrification through Collaboration Arena (REKA)

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RISE and JSP have been entrusted to map current and future electricity and power needs in Region Västra Götaland by 2023 and develop an action plan to deal with challenges. The initiative is part of "Kraftsamling Elektrifiering".


The need to convert our energy systems to fossil-independent has never been greater. Several industries are driving the trend towards increased electrification. The capacity of the current system risks reaching a ceiling and thereby hampering future development. At present, there is a lack of collaboration on these cross-sectoral system challenges.

The task of the project is to define current and future electricity and power needs for the industrial, transport and community construction sector, compile delivery capacity in Region Västra Götaland and present an action plan to deal with the challenges in collaboration with relevant actors.

The overall goal is to, based on the regional development strategy, create and maintain a platform to prioritize and pave the way for the implementation of initiatives and the dissemination of knowledge. Furthermore, the project must provide relevant factual basis so that needs are clarified before regional and national decision-making processes.

The project's long-term effect is to help ensure that the future supply of competitive sustainable electricity supports the electrification of industry and the transport sector as well as changes in society. This is necessary for the region to achieve its climate goals while maintaining welfare and ensuring regional competitiveness.

Time: 2121-2123
Partners: RISE, Johanneberg Science Park
Financing: Region Västra Götaland 

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