Controllable Urban Soundscapes

In the innovation project Controllable Urban Soundscapes, oases of tranquility are created in the midst of city centers. Traffic disturbances and noise levels are attenuated using advanced technology, based on the acoustic principles, isolation, diffusion and absorption. IMCG leads the project and is responsible for the innovation process, strategic communication and new business solutions. The technology concept is tested in parks and public spaces in London and Gothenburg.


Through the innovation project Controllable Urban Soundscapes, we create a concept for the sustainable, attractive city. Sweden's Innovation Authority Vinnova co-finances the project with the ambition that the results will contribute to the implementation of the global goals contained in Agenda 2030.

The first demonstrator was a bus stop next to Johanneberg Science Park at the campus of Chalmers University of Technology in ​​Gothenburg. The bus stop is a testing arena for silencing technology and has been developed with a book swapping shelf. The bus stop is also one of the end-stops for the new electric bus developed within the ElectriCity cooperation. Johanneberg Science Park was the link between ElectriCity and TOR.

Controllable Urban Soundscapes participated in the ElectriCity Innovation Challenge with the bus stop as an inspirational solution for the challenge Attractive Bus Stops. The second demonstrator tested consisted of 15 hexagons at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg and was opened in May 2016. A third demonstrator was part of the Christmas City Gothenburg 2015, and was later moved to Masthuggskajen. These are now dismantled and are located in Älvstranden Development. The result was very good with a noise reduction of 20 dB according to measurements and analysis by Rise.

Book Swapping Shelf

The initiative started as an initiation project, which was then awarded a cooperation project (Step 2) within Vinnova's Challenge-driven Innovation program, in the area of ​​Sustainable Attractive Cities. In November 2017, the project was awarded the third and final stage of the program, focusing on taking innovation to a pre-commercial level.

Controllable Urban Soundscapes is a Vinnova-funded project to meet the Global goals in Agenda 2030.

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