TJIVA accelerates the innovation level of services


The Service Innovation Accelerator, TJIVA, offers knowledge about service logic and how innovation work should be conducted to achieve increased competitiveness.


TJIVA provides the opportunity to test several components and processes, such as targeted education, service innovation labs and peer-to-peer networks, while establishing a physical space for small and medium-sized firms at Johanneberg Science Park. The long-term ambition is for the accelerator to provide companies with tools that enable them to continue working innovatively on their own.

TJIVA is the first accelerator in Sweden, and probably in Europe focusing entirely on small and medium-sized service companies as well as manufacturing companies that want to increase the service content of their offerings.

Behind the accelerator is a partnership of three organisations who all contribute relevant and valuable competence:

• Johanneberg Science Park has a large network of companies in the region and a solid experience of innovation and project management.

•    Framtidens Företag (Future Enterprises) is one of Vinnova's designated excellence incubators and has been working with service innovation as a focus area since 2010.
•    RISE Service Labs conducts research in service innovation and uses design methodology to support customers and partners.

Total project cost: SEK 10 million, of which the Västra Götaland region accounts for about SEK 7 million and the European Regional Development Fund for just over SEK 3 million. The project is in progress until September 2022.

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