Synergetic Autonomous Transports (SAT) 

Leveransrobot och förarlös buss

Both have previously been tested separately, but now they will be allowed to coexist on the streets. By the spring of 2022, the delivery robot and the self-driving bus will be tested together on Chalmers campus Johanneberg in order to see how freight and passenger transport can work together in an urban environment. Eighteen partners are collaborating in the project, which has been granted SEK 4 million by Vinnova within the innovation program Drive Sweden.


In a not too distant future scenario, more and more of our transports are handled by autonomous vehicles. Not least the last mile of a transport or supply chain - when people have to get from public transport to their final destination or goods have to be transported from a transport center to the end customer. These short distances are often both expensive and environmentally damaging and there is much to be gained from streamlining.

In recent years, two different projects have tested self-driving, electric shuttle traffic on Chalmers Campus and autonomous goods deliveries as part of Chalmers' existing logistics system. But what happens when several different self-driving modes of transport coexist in the urban environment? The project Collaborative Autonomous Transport (SAT) will find out from January 2022 and a year and a half onwards.

Eighteen project partners - including universities, property owners, software and product developers and other actors in urban development - will jointly explore the issue based on areas such as vehicle technology, transport efficiency, user perspective, business models and urban development potential. Visitors to the Johanneberg campus become part of the project through more or less active interaction with the vehicles, when walking on the streets or taking the minibus from one side of the campus to the other.

Tests in the area - September 2022 to May 2023

Self-driving vehicles will operate in the Chalmers area. Västtrafik's line 68 will operate as a round trip from Chalmersplatsen.

The line runs weekdays between 07.30 and 17.00.

The stops are Chalmersplatsen-Sven Hultins Plats- Library- Kemigården- Library- Chalmers Transportcentral- Sven Hultins Plats- Chalmersplatsen.

Tests where the self-driving vehicles interact with transport robots originating from Chalmers Transport Central will be done this fall.

The activities are part of the SAT project and also part of the SHOW project (financed through EU Horizon 2020.

About Synergetic Autonomous Transports (SAT)

Project time: Januari 2022 – juni 2023
Budget: 8 miljoner SEK
Financed by: Vinnova/Drive Sweden 
Partners: Akademiska Hus, Chalmers, Chalmersfastigheter, Ericsson, Framtiden Byggutveckling, Göteborgs Stad (trafikkontoret), Göteborgs Universitet, Hugo Delivery (projektledare), Johanneberg Science Park, Keolis, Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB, Mölndala Fastighets AB, PostNord, Riksbyggen, Skanska, Tele2, Västtrafik, Wallenstam 

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