Sustainable Business Models

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Companies improve together their business models by testing them in the real world and against future challenges.


It is about future proof business model in a unique programme. Companies are tested to tailor future scenarios and with the support from specialists they try to make their business models robust and sustainable. The offer is developed in a collaboration with several actors who work with business development in West Sweden. Johanneberg Science Park is leading the collaboration. Operation of all companies are affected more and more for example by environmental impacts, new regulations and changes in consumption patterns.

These sustainability challenges are becoming increasingly significant and rather than seeing them as limitations, we want to help your company to turn it into an opportunity - to become both more profitable and more sustainable in the future!

We now invite you to the new round of "Business Model Clinic". The clinic is a series of workshops during which we focus on sustainability work and approach its challenges from a business development perspective. The method used is based on a powerful combination of proven tools. With an adapted version of the Business Model Canvas your business is visualized in a simple and powerful way. Prepared scenarios picture how sustainability challenges along with other driving forces can shape the business environment ahead. The business models are then tested in the various future scenarios. Here, are identified the key threats and opportunities which then will form the basis for new business ideas.

We work together with you and your company in three well-prepared steps;

1. An interview where we map the most relevant challenges for your company
2. Work which is carried out in three workshops with all project participants.
Today's business models and sustainability challenges.
A scenario analysis where business models are screened for various future challenges.
Business development based on identified long-term threats and opportunities.
3. Individuals match your company's learnings and continue its development.

We are looking for companies from all industries. Workshop series will be conducted during 2017.

The first round was conducted in Spring 2016 where eight companies participated. Participants' feedback was consistently very positive with comments such as "It was like putting our business model in a time machine" and "Workshops were an eye opener to how much the outside world decisions actually affect us."

Led by Johanneberg Science Park. 
Partners: CSR West Sweden, Connect West, Knowit Business Growth and Swerea IVF.
Financing: Region of West Sweden and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


For more information, contact;

Björn Westling, Director of SME Relations

+46 708 75 48 63
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