Projektet MinShed

The pollution by micro plastics in the oceans comes from our acrylic, polyester and nylon clothing. MinShed is a three-year research project led by Swerea IVF, with the overall aim of gaining knowledge about how the textile industry can design and create clothes from synthetic materials in such a way that they do not emit micro plastics. Johanneberg Science Park and the Västsvenska Kemi- och Materialklustret (West Swedish Chemical and Material Cluster) are responsible for testing and measuring results in the project.


The reason for the increasing amount of micro plastics in the oceans is not fully known, but a number of reports including one published by Swerea IVF and Mistra Future Fashion clearly show that washing laundry is one of the biggest causes. The textile industry needs more knowledge and information about micro plastics and a research gap has been identified regarding the relationship between fabric design and micro plastic emissions. Studies about how the design of washing machines can reduce the emission of micro plastics are also needed.

The project will test and measure results in the HSB Living Lab washing machines, which Johanneberg Science Park has initiated in collaboration with HSB and Chalmers. With the help of the washing machines, we will get more knowledge about micro plastics in the wastewater and how washing machines can be reconstructed. The West Swedish Chemical and Material Cluster will be an important partner for developing good solutions for dealing with the gathered micro plastics. We will have workshops and breakfast seminars on how we can deal with the collected micro plastics and communicate the results from HSB Living Lab.

Financing: FORMAS during 2018-2020.

Partners: Bergans, Boob Design, Electrolux, Ellos Group, Fjällräven, Filippa K, Gina Tricot, Haglöfs, H&M, IKEA, Peak Performance, Sustema, TPC Textile och Y. Berger & Co.

Other related organisations:
Chalmers, Johanneberg Science Park, Högskolan i Borås, STOPP! Micro Waste, Peak Innovation (Vinnväxt initiativ från VINNOVA) och Västsvenska Kemi- och Materialklustret

Formas  swereaivf

For more information, contact;

Evdoxia Kouraki, Project Manager

+46 709 32 92 17 evdoxia.kouraki@johannebergsciencepark.com LinkedIn