Klimat 2030


Johanneberg Science Park has been appointed coordinator for the Västra Götaland region and the County Administrative Board's initiative Healthy and climate-smart housing and premises, as well as the Greater market for bio-based materials and propellants, at Klimat 2030.


The task involves coordinating participants and finding innovative solutions within our areas of responsibility to speed up the minimisation of carbon dioxide emissions in the region.

About Klimat 2030
"Klimat 2030 - Västra Götaland is changing" is an energy gathering being pushed by the Västra Götaland region and the County Administrative Board in Västra Götaland County. The energy gathering brings together companies, trade associations, municipalities, colleges, associations and other organizations in Västra Götaland who want to take a stand and contribute to the transition to a climate-smart region. At klimat2030.se there is an opportunity to sign up for Klimat 2030, thereby supporting the regional climate target, as well as explaining how your organization is working to achieve our common goal.

Västra Götaland has one of the most ambitious regional climate targets in Sweden. By 2030 we should be a region not depending on fossil fuels. This means that by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 80% from the levels in 1990. In addition, emissions of greenhouse gases from Western Sweden's consumption, regardless of where in the world it occurs, will decrease by 30% compared to 2010. Emissions of greenhouse gases are decreasing, but not fast enough to reach our goal. It's high time now to pick up the pace. In Western Sweden we have extensive experience to successfully adapt to structural changes. By being pioneers, we become both the winner of climate change and inspire others.

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