KIVI - Collaborative Innovation


The basic idea of this project is to further develop collaborative innovation as a way to increase the capacity for innovation.


The aim is not only to increase the ability to lead and organize but also to develop scientific and theoretical knowledge by interacting with ongoing collaborative projects. Two major collaborative project will be used as a case:

  • Positive Footprint Housing / Brf Viva
  • ElectriCity

These projects involve together more than twenty actors and a turnover of more than SEK 500 million.

The project focuses on two questions:
What is collaborative innovation ability and how can the management and organization of it be developed? The researchers will be mainly out in the field,regularly attending workgroups, coordination and steering meetings as well as interviewing the involved actors. Based on the observations and analyses, they will carry on a continuous discourse with those coordinating the management teams.

Led by Johanneberg Science Park.
Partners: Ecoplan, Chalmers Managing In Between, Riksbyggen,Volvo
Financed by Vinnova.

For more information, contact;

Björn Westling, Director of SME Relations

+46 708 75 48 63
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