Environmental visualization of city models

A new 3D model of the Chalmers campus site is being used to show air pollutants and noise more clearly.


Invisible environmental parameters such as air pollutants and noise are not easy to present in a clear and comprehensible manner. A new partnership between academia, the city council and industry will seek to identify a simpler method for visualising environmental parameters and thereby facilitate urban planning. Within the partnership, a new 3D model of Chalmers campus site will be used.

Digital tools are increasingly being used in urban planning processes to simulate and visualise future scenarios. The potential of these tools is considered to be considerable, but in order to implement them, the 3D medium must be developed. Within a new partnership, a design concept for visualisation will be tested in an interactive 3D model, from both a bird’s eye view and a street-level perspective.

The 3D model makes it possible to simulate data and flows, and to pursue a dialogue with those who visit and work on the campus site. The model has been developed by Tyréns using their TyrEngine tool in collaboration with Johanneberg Science Park, Chalmers and the City of Gothenburg.

It is our first application of the 3D model, which was developed within a previous project coordinated by Johanneberg Science Park. It will then be possible to open up the model to other stakeholders who are seeking to visualise projects in collaboration with academia. It will also be possible for students to use the model in projects within various education programmes.

The project is being led by the Department of Applied Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg/Chalmers. The partners are Chalmers Arkitektur, the City of Gothenburg (the Environmental Administration and the City Planning Office), Johanneberg Science Park and Tyréns.

The Swedish Research Council Formas’ initiative “Sustainable Spatial Planning“ - the fifth announcement.
Partners: Lead by Applied IT IT vid Göteborgs universitet/Chalmers. Partners are Chalmers Arkitektur, Göteborgs Stad (Miljöförvaltningen och Stadsbyggnadskontoret), Johanneberg Science Park and Tyréns.

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