Energy storage at the Viva housing association

Batterirum i brf Viva

At the Viva housing association's energy storage, the possibility of storing solar power in used electric bus batteries is being tested. The bus batteries come from bus route 55, which is part of the ElectriCity cooperation, and gets its first practical application in the Bostadsrättsföreningen (Brf) [housing association] Viva, with 132 residences at Guldheden, next to the Chalmers campus in Gothenburg.



Bus Batteries 

Sustainable Living 

The purpose is to create a better understanding of how housing and energy systems can interact and contribute to more resource-efficient use of batteries in houses and vehicles. The energy storage is part of Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing - multidisciplinary research for overall thinking about innovative sustainable residential and urban development.

The project will last for five years and the aim is to test, evaluate and report how the used electric bus batteries can be utilised in various applications such as:

  • Storage of locally produced solar power
  • Power management when charging electric vehicles
  • Power management of the entire property's electricity use
  • Power management based on needs in power grids, remote control
  • Purchase of electricity as per Nordpol's spot price
  • Integration with the control of switching between district heating and geothermal heat
  • Integration with the control of heat storage

Energy storage in the Viva housing association is part of the research project Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing. There is also a connection to the ElectriCity cooperation through the bus batteries that will be utilised. This can be used as leverage in the communication about energy storage.

The IRIS EU project - Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities, co-finances the reuse of batteries from the bus in the Riksbygg's Viva housing association. IRIS focuses on demonstrating solutions in energy, mobility, ICT and citizen participation.

Project partners: Volvo Buses, Göteborg Energi, Johanneberg Science Park, Riksbyggen.

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