Book Swapping Bookshelf


A public outdoor swapping bookshelf inside ElectriCity bus stop, spreading knowledge, encouraging social interaction and contributin to sustainable urban development.


Johanneberg Science Park has linked two major cooperation projects; Controllable Urban Soundscapes (TOR) where noise muted public spaces are created in city centers and ElectriCity project where industry, research and society develop and test solutions for tomorrow's sustainable transport. One of the results of this connection was the development and addition of Sven Hultins plats "silent" bus stop at ElectriCity's bus line 55. Johanneberg Science Park has initiated a project with aim to install a public swapping bookshelf in the bus stop in order to spread knowledge, encourage social interaction and contribute to sustainable urban development.

Partners: IMCG, Akademiska Hus, Chalmers Students for Sustainability,
Financing: Region of West Sweden 

For more information, contact;

Evdoxia Kouraki, Project Manager

+46 709 32 92 17 LinkedIn