Batteries VGR – focus on installations close to property

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In order to promote a flexible and robust electricity system in the region, we are inviting property owners, energy companies and other need owners to participate in a knowledge-raising project. We will learn about flexibility in general and batteries and their role and possibilities in particular. We want to gather curious need owners to learn from each other and from suppliers of hardware and knowledge.


During the spring of 2023, we will offer three study visits to battery installations that are in operation. The participants can get up close and look and hear about experiences from those involved, both suppliers and clients/need owners. Some shorter investigations and knowledge compilations will also be carried out and the results shared with the project's participants.

We plan to visit Stena Fastigheter and BatteryLoop's installation on Fiskehamnsgatan in Gothenburg, as well as Holmgrens Bil in Skövde, which, in close cooperation with Skövde Energi, installed a battery to cut power peaks during rapid charging of electric cars. The third study object will be decided shortly. Participants can choose to participate in one, two or all three occasions.

We will highlight the following issues: various benefits that come with batteries, including specific focus on general grid benefit; what types of batteries may be relevant and their respective advantages and disadvantages; how to make money, examples of different business setups and which partners need to be involved; fire and other risks; 2nd life batteries and factory new; Briefly about V2G - Vehicle-to-grid - and the battery system of the future.

The project is carried out by Johanneberg Science Park, with support from the Västra Götaland region via Regional Electrification through Collaboration Arena.

For more information, contact:

Stina Rydberg, Project Manager

+46 709 54 14 89 LinkedIn