A Working Lab receives the "West Sweden's Smartest Real Estate” award.

9 September 2019
A Working Lab

“West Sweden's Smartest Real Estate" is awarded to a property that, from every perspective, has been built with a strong vision for the future. To win the award, the property should be sustainable, energy efficient, involve innovative technology and provide better user-friendliness for the people inside.

This time, the prize goes to the A Working Lab innovation arena and office building at Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg. The prize is awarded by Fastighetsmässan - the Swedish Real Estate Fair. 

A Working Lab in Gothenburg is the first participant in Akademiska Hus's national initiative for innovative work and learning environments to also contribute to reduced energy consumption and a low carbon footprint. This is an office building in wood, with solar cells and DC with battery storage, as well as PCM cooling retention technology which, when combined with flexible surfaces such as co-working, makes this a property that is built for the challenges of the future.

“A Working Lab is developing along with the leading collaborative arena Johanneberg Science Park, finding and developing sustainable solutions for the entire community” says Mats Bergh, CEO of Johanneberg Science Park.

The “A Working Lab” office building in the Chalmers area at Johanneberg Science Park is a full-scale lab bench for various energy and resource-efficient technologies and construction methods. The building is also part of the FED - Fossil-free Energy Districts digital energy trading platform and also serves as the demonstration arena for IRIS - Smart Cities. A Working Lab is owned by Akademiska Hus.

“A Working Lab is a worthy winner of our future prize,”says Petra Wohner, project manager for the Fastighetsmässan fair. “They describe themselves as a property built for the challenges of the future, which is exactly what this prize is all about.”

Johanneberg Science Park - Sweden's leading collaborative arena for community building. We work together to create innovations towards a society that is good for people and the environment. We bring together academia, community stakeholders and large and small companies. Together we run national and international innovation projects and test solutions to the challenges that face the communities of the future.

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For more information, please contact;

Mats Bergh, CEO

+46 708 16 75 94 mats.bergh@johannebergsciencepark.com LinkedIn