Research around the clock in digital format was a success

10 August 2021
HSB Living Lab

April 15-16, HSB Living Lab 24H opened the digital doors to a full day of live research! Making the event digital was a necessity that turned out to be a stroke of luck. A total of 60 program items were produced, more than 100 people appeared in the features and over 1,500 unique visitors watched during the day. And thanks to the digital format, all elements will live on and spread long after the event is over.

- It's cool to see what we can achieve when we work together. That we received 60 features about the sustainable housing of the future feels a little fantastic. Here we have hard evidence of what collaboration can give for results, says Emma Sarin, project manager HSB Living Lab.

The purpose of the event was to showcase all the exciting research and development that is going on in HSB Living Lab. The project portfolio has grown rapidly during the first five years. More than 120 projects have been started and it can be difficult to absorb everything that is going on. The vision was to present as many projects as possible so that everyone could easily take part in the research and development that is taking place. And maybe even stumble across an area you have not heard of before and gain new insights.

Just reaching out with the results is one of the basics of HSB Living Lab. In addition to encouraging innovation and development, we also want to increase the pace of our projects to reach out and benefit society. By highlighting all projects in this way, a hub and a larger arena for everyone to be seen is created. The goal is to get more people to open their eyes to the projects and absorb ideas, insights and results.


Physical event went digital

The event has been planned for a long time and was originally intended to be a physical event on site in HSB Living Lab. After being postponed several times due to the prevailing situation in the community, it was instead carried out digitally, but still as a live broadcast with presenters directly from the house to create a feeling of closeness and pulse.

- The commitment that all partners and researchers have put into planning program items and producing films about their projects is super inspiring. It is clear that the arena is an important place to reach a wider audience about the research and development they conduct, says Madelaine Doufrix, project coordinator.

During the day, more than 100 people participated in the various program items and more than 1,500 unique visitors watched the broadcast.


Program with a unique width

HSB Living Lab has a wide range of projects that are unique. Here, young entrepreneurs and students mingled with established companies and advanced academic research towards the common goal of finding the sustainable housing of the future. The breadth and amount of projects themselves is interesting, it becomes like a melting pot where insights and lessons can break boundaries and new contacts are made.

The program under HSB Living Lab 24H reflected this breadth. There were elements about cultivation, energy efficiency, insulation materials, behavioral changes, AI, self-propelled robots and even an instrument that reduces stress.

- The purpose was to share with us and show everything exciting that is going on in the house. By inspiring and disseminating new knowledge through a broad investment, we want more people to open their eyes to research and develop with us in HSB Living Lab, says Jens Holmberg, PR and communications manager at HSB Living Lab.

Five-year anniversary and half-time

HSB Living Labs' 5-year anniversary was also celebrated during the event. And with this 24H event, they had to make a proper start in the second half of HSB Living Lab. Over the next five years, the goal is to start at least as many research projects and reach out with at least as many results!


See the features and the broadcast again?

Many people want to see the features afterwards and now the work is underway to publish all films and features from the day on our website. You can find the broadcasts on our Youtube channel and links to the various features are posted regularly on Event HSB LL 24H.


For information, contact:

Karin Weijdegård, Communications Officer

+46 735 25 27 08 LinkedIn