Ramboll new partner in Johanneberg Science Park

8 June 2021
Gothenburg in sunset

The consulting company Ramboll, focused on urban devlopment, joins Johanneberg Science Park as a partner. The intention is to participate in development projects to test new innovations and to take an active role in the Celsius Innovation Cluster, which works for a faster transition to sustainable energy systems for heating and cooling throughout Europe.

Ramboll is a foundation-owned global company with headquarters in Denmark and 16,000 employees worldwide, of which 1,900 sits in Sweden. The company has a strong focus on sustainable urban development, energy and transport and with its commitment to Johanneberg Science Park, it hopes to be able to contribute its knowledge and experience to several of the major urban development projects that are under development. As Ramboll has a great interest in the work of strengthening the West Swedish electricity grid, the company also sees opportunities in the strategic energy node that the Swedish Energy Agency has appointed Johanneberg Science Park to develop.

— The fact that we are entering as a long-term partner in Johanneberg Science Park means that we can be involved in driving societal development in the areas in which we operate, and that is both important and rewarding. Right now, our business is growing both in the Gothenburg area and within our business area Energy, which makes this feel even more like a "perfect match", says Lars Larsson, business developer at Ramboll Sweden's Energy division.

Since 2018, Johanneberg Science Park has been coordinating the Celsius Initiative, a network of over 70 European cities that collaborate for increased dissemination of knowledge and gathering of expertise that accelerates the transition to sustainable energy sources for heating and cooling. Ramboll will work on a consulting basis to develop Celsius Initiative's Swedish innovation cluster, which is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. The Innovation Cluster is a platform and link for Swedish actors to European partners in order to accelerate the Swedish pace of innovation and business development, as well as drive the transition to future energy systems and contribute to the participation of Swedish cities and actors in European innovation projects.

— We welcome Ramboll as a partner and look forward to benefitting from their expertise in our projects and networking activities. Not least in Celsius’ Innovation Cluster, where Swedish companies have great opportunities to lead the way in the transition to fossil-free European energy systems, says Mats Bergh, CEO of Johanneberg Science Park.


For more information, contact:

Mats Bergh, CEO

+46 708 16 75 94 mats.bergh@johannebergsciencepark.com LinkedIn