New solutions and learning cities - the IRIS project is meeting in Vaasa

3 June 2019

Cities and partners within the IRIS project are testing and demonstrating new solutions for urban development within energy, mobility, digitization and citizen engagement. There are a total of 44 partners from seven countries participating in the project and the parties meet again in Vaasa between 4 - 6 June. Vaasa City is hosting the meeting with its partners.

The IRIS project cities and partners are now meeting for the fourth time since the start in October, 2017. The focus for the meeting this time is replication, i.e. how solutions, innovations and ideas within the project can be copied and re-created in other cities and contexts.

IRIS is a so-called Lighthouse project, financed by the EU's Horizon 2020 program. The focus and the aim is to find solutions to the challenges of modern city life, by finding more sustainable and integrated solutions. This partner meeting is focusing on how to make the best possible use of the knowledge and technologies created within IRIS.

The three Lighthouse cities are Utrecht (Netherlands), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Nice Côte d’Azur (France). This is where solutions are developed, tested and demonstrated before being packaged into a format that other cities can copy.

The four follower cities are Alexandroupolis (Greece), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), Vaasa (Finland) and Foscani (Romania). The follower cities copy suitable solutions within the project and then replicate them in their own cities.

What is IRIS?

IRIS is built by three Lighthouse cities and four follower cities, plus a number of expert organizations. Within the IRIS project, new urban development solutions are created and tested within energy, mobility, digitization and citizen engagement. The cities learn from each other and are able to copy each other's solutions.

The project meeting in Vaasa

The project meeting in Vaasa is the fourth in the order, and the first meeting in a follower city. Vaasa contributes, among other things, with expertise in waste management and biogas production as well as energy-efficient residential areas. Focus for this meeting will be replication of IRIS-solutions. Notable on the agenda is the replication afternoon on Wednesday, when a series of IRIS solutions are presented in short "pitch formats" from the stage, and in the audience there are local and regional players who can and want to copy and implement the solutions. Then there will be in-depth conversations in mingle format. Then new, smart city solutions can be up and running!

IRIS Gothenburg in Vaasa

Two people from Gothenburg consortium participate in the replication afternoon: Björn Wendle, Trivector about EC2B - mobility as a service as well as Pierre Hult, Riksbyggen on Flexible electricity grids and energy-positive buildings.

Johanneberg Science Park coordinates the project activities in the Lighthouse city of Gothenburg on behalf of the City of Gothenburg.

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