New digital service for mobility solutions to be tested

14 September 2018
Brf Viva, Göteborg

Riksbyggen, Västtrafik and EC2B are testing a new digital service that will make it easier for people to combine different modes of transport, such as bicycle, car pool and public transport. The test is done in Riksbyggen’s housing society, Brf Viva, which is currently being completed in Gothenburg.

The building of 132 apartments in Riksbyggen's Brf Viva in Gothenburg is currently underway and will be ready to welcome its residents by autumn 2018.

“Right from the start of the project Brf Viva, it has been assumed that this is an accommodation where residents don’t own a car. Instead Riksbyggen has been involved in developing new mobility solutions to facilitate a more sustainable housing without a car and we are very excited to be the first to test a new digital service for this purpose,” says Mikael Ahlén, Market Area Manager at Riksbyggen Bostad in Gothenburg.

"It is important for us that development is moving in the right direction towards more sustainable travelling. By allowing our services to be available in more places, we believe that it will be easier for people to make sustainable choices, "said Camilla Holtet, Development Manager at Västtrafik, the public transport company in Gothenburg.

The testing of the mobility solution is part of a collaboration with EC2B. This means access to several different mobility services such as public transport, car pool, bikes for loan, car rental, taxi and so on, all in the same offer.

“This allows us to test how residents in new properties want to use and buy public transport together with other transport services. The ambition is that the EC2B service should be an attractive alternative to owning a car and attract more sustainable travel habits,” says Björn Wendle, CEO of EC2B Mobility.

The EC2B test is co-financed by the EU-project IRIS Smart Cities, Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Authority via the national demonstration of strength project and Kompis.

IRIS is a five-year Light House project funded by EU (Research & Innovation programme HORIZON 2020. The project tests and develops solutions to be  replicated in the project's other cities and further into the EU. Johanneberg Science Park coordinates the Gothenburg plattform on behalf of the City of Gothenburg.

Research within Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing, PFH, is the foundation of Brf Viva. PFH is multidisciplinary research for overall thinking about innovative sustainable residential and urban development.

The project will result in increased environmental, social and economic sustainability and its acquired insights will for the first time be implemented in Brf Viva. The project was initiated by Riksbyggen in collaboration with, among others, Johanneberg Science Park, Chalmers, Gothenburg University, Göteborg Energi, City of Gothenburg and RISE.

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