Linnea coordinator for bio-based materials and fuels - Climate2030

11 August 2021
Linnea Johansson

Linnea Johansson at Johanneberg Science Park will be the new coordinator for the initiative "Larger market for bio-based materials and fuels" within Climate 2030. The Västra Götaland region's focus on the transition to a climate-smart region.


What attracted you to the assignment as coordinator within Climate 2030?

I have for several years followed the work with Climate 2030 on the side and think it is a very inspiring investment - to gather so many actors from different parts of society to work together in a common direction. To be a part of the initiative and the team and contribute with my experiences will be really exciting.

What have you worked with before and what do you bring with you into your new assignment?

In recent years, I have devoted myself to various types of collaborative projects. The collaborative projects have been about everything from smart energy systems and wooden construction at Johanneberg Science Park to the role of students in the sustainability work at Chalmers. Common denominators has been to explore together and share lessons between different actors and individuals to build on each other's knowledge and avoid starting from scratch when experience is available.

Collective learning is something that I take with me into Climate 2030. It is so easy for knowledge to stay within an organization, for example, we do not realize that knowledge can be of value to someone else or because we do not turn to each other to ask for advice. Together as a society, we know so much and have so many fantastic solutions, now it's just a matter of more people taking part in them. Now that we are undergoing a societal transformation, it is also a great waste of resources not to take advantage of the lessons learned.

What are your hopes for your new role in Climate 2030?

So far, I'm so new to the role that I'm still getting to know what the job entails. I am a design engineer at heart and have limited experience of material issues but are instead used to finding out what needs a solution and how products are linked to behaviors. This leads to interesting questions about why this particular material has been used and how you can do something in a different way, questions that can usually inspire new ways of thinking. My hope is therefore to be able to support different actors to think in new ways. And learn from each other of course.

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