JSP Gold Member Jemmett: "It is possible to save the world while making money"

10 December 2020
Illustration of Jemmetts first building project on Tjörn

Is it possible to build sustainably and at the same time make a profit? If you ask Carlos Andersson, CEO and founder of the company Jemmett Sustainable Smart Homes, the answer to that question is unequivocally yes. With the drive to save the world, he is now realizing a housing concept with strong focus on sustainability through the process of construction as well as life in the buildings.

Environmental issues have been close Carlos Andersson’s heart for 25 years and something he has worked for both as a local politician for the Center Party and as head of the Passive House Center (formerly the Swedish Institute for Energy Efficient Construction). The Passive House Center was, among other things, involved in retrofitting of housing units in Alingsås together with the municipal housing company Alingsåshem. From Alingsåshem, he also hand-picked Ing-Marie Odegren and Ulf Alexandersson for his "dream team" in sustainable building when he started the company Jemmett two and a half years ago.

— It is very important to find people who share the same vision. The construction industry is incredibly conservative and dominated by men, who are generally less engaged in environmental issues than women. There is a notion that sustainable construction is driving costs, but this is a myth we would like to bust, says Carlos Andersson.

Carlos Andersson

Jemmett's business model is based on a standardized concept for different types of residential buildings, such as apartment buildings, townhouses and communal living for people over 65. It is based on a holistic approach that includes both building materials, energy standards and lifestyles. In terms of energy, all the houses are passive houses, with locally produced energy from solar cells stored in batteries. They are built entirely of wood, with cellulose or wood fiber in the insulation, and have untreated facades and sedum roofs. For the residents, the focus is on solutions such as common areas, electric car-pools and greenhouses. The houses are built in modules, which means that they are built quickly and the concept can easily be scaled up.

The company's first project, a housing complex with rental appartments for people over the age of 65 on Tjörn, is expected to be ready for occupancy in December 2021. The housing project will, according to the company, be Sweden's leading project, focusing on environment and energy, for the target group 65+.

— There is great interest. More and more people, not least the elderly, want housing that offers social community. The fact that it is environmentally friendly is a bonus for most people. We manage as well as build the properties and thanks to our standardized concept, we can keep the rents at a reasonable level.

In addition to Tjörn, Jemmett has four other housing projects in its portfolio - two housing complexes for 65+ in Lidköping and Trollhättan with occupancy in 2022 and 2023, respectively, a townhouse area in Tuve and semi-detached houses in Åsa. Carlos Andersson’s ambition is also that Jemmett will be an inspiration for others and to spread knowledge and increase the pace of sustainable construction throughout society. For this reason it is valuable for the company to participate in initiatives such as Climate2030 - Västra Götaland Ställer Om and Johanneberg Science Park's SME network. The goal is to build up a medium-sized housing development company with associated property management and thus influence the construction and real estate industry to work faster for the common sustainability goals.

— You have to put the sustainability goals in relation to how fast we are going to achieve them. We will have net zero emissions in Sweden in 2045. There are only 25 years left and time is moving fast! Today we spend 10 tons of CO2 per person, and it be reduced to 0.9 tons. To do that, we have to do everything and more. It is difficult but I have to believe that it is possible, otherwise I would not have been able to do what I do, says Carlos Andersson.

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