Johanneberg Science Park is an attractive meeting place for small startups in the region

11 June 2020
SME-event, Johanneberg Science Park

At Johanneberg Science Park, we’re convinced that SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are the future growth engines for both the local region and Sweden as a whole. Johanneberg Science Park is a resource that helps enterprises take advantage of new knowledge and skills.

Johanneberg Science Park’s network of SMEs includes companies in all industries with the driving force, potential and desire to grow. They include businesses that develop or design new inventions, patents and software products and solutions, as well as contracting and consulting companies. Sofia Ganslandt, Head of SME Relations at Johanneberg Science Park, elaborates:

- We promote their growth by providing a place that supports and assists them in their important development work and the challenges they face. Many of these enterprises come to us when they’re new in the market or the region and are seeking new connections, contacts or tips and advice. Our network includes sole traders, entrepreneurs, inventors and specialist consultants. All enterprises are welcome to join!

Most of the SMEs are broadly involved in the community planning sector, but many have a niche product or solution in areas such as energy efficiency, new technologies or new methods. Sofia emphasises the importance of having a broad network in order to create a fertile mix of complementary enterprises that can exchange knowledge, ideas and inspiration. Having a diversity of enterprises also benefits the whole of western Sweden, making it an attractive region with a thriving labour market and a fruitful business climate.

- The companies that come to us stay here to keep up-to-date with developments in community planning and sustainable social development. They want to attend our seminars and remain close to the Science Park and the values we provide. I think many small enterprises also appreciate the social aspect, the abundance of relevant meeting places where topics and issues are spotlighted in attractive ways. It’s an inspiring environment. I also think many take part in our activities to stay abreast with the latest facts and maybe benchmark their business against trends in the surrounding world. Also, I think they feel genuinely appreciated by Johanneberg Science Park’s staff and partners and feel that we go the extra mile for them.


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