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7 January 2019

In January 2019, we will start up the new collaboration project Inn2Health. The project includes Johanneberg Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Science Park Borås, Science Park Skövde, Innovatum, MedTech West and Västra Götaland region.

Inn2Health will strengthen the West Swedish SMEs' access to knowledge, skills, technology and networks relevant to the future Life Science products and services via the region's Science Parks and cluster environments. This is done through participation in so-called Cross Collaboration projects where a number of identified innovation barriers will be addressed:

  • Research and product / service development is often based on a hypothesis rather than knowledge of the real need of care, care and the patient
  • Technical and industry-wide collaboration is limited
  • The companies find it difficult to find their way into academia, health care and care for dialogue on development.
  • R&D collaboration between SMEs, startups and large companies rarely occurs.
  • SMEs have limited access to expertise and funding.

– We will work cross-industry to meet the needs of healthcare and benefit from the knowledge available in the other industries, says Åsa Lindström, project manager for Inn2Health, Sahlgrenska Science Park.

– The essence of the project is that we should start from problems or needs in healthcare and create ideas for solutions that are then tested. This is done in collaboration between industry, healthcare and academia, says Åsa Lindström.

The Västra Götaland region and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth support Inn2Health by nearly SEK 13 million over a three-year period. The work within the project starts in January 2019 and we work with the aim of the global sustainability goal no. 3 - Health and well-being, which includes goals to reduce the number of people affected by public diseases.

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Based on text by: Annika Åkervall, Sahlgrenska Science Park


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