INDU-ZERO a 'game changer'

18 October 2021
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Smart factories that can produce renovation packages in mass production for half the current prize to speed up sustainable renovations in Europe? INDU-ZERO, a three and a half-year project, that was initiated by Interreg North Sea Region, shows that this is possible. The project partners, from six European countries presented the main results of the project on the 7th of October in the Netherlands in the presence of various stakeholders: housing corporations, investors, industries and governments. The total process, the so called Blueprint, is responding to the call of the European Renovation Wave and the climate targets set by the EU. It is also a way to fight energy poverty, now that the energy prices are exploding.

Due to its integrated approach, INDU-ZERO is a 'game changer' in the construction sector. It covers the measurement of the houses, the product design and production process to the factory design, logistics and realization on the construction site. The accompanying business case that demonstrates a cost reduction of approximately 45 - 50% in comparison to the current costs of renovation, makes it interesting for market parties and investors to take further steps towards building the factories. Per factory, 15,000 renovation packages per year for net Zero renovations can be produced for terraced houses and apartment buildings built between 1950 and 1985 in different European countries.

Online Blueprint
The online Blueprint, is now available in a release for the general public: Later this year or at the beginning of next year a more detailed version will be available containing more technical information for the various stakeholders. By making all the knowledge gained during the project available online, an incentive will be given to realize several factories in Europe.

At the moment three showcase houses are being realized in the Netherlands. One of them will be fully set up as a showcase location, the other two will be inhabited. The showcase location, which provides all the information about INDU-ZERO and the renovations, will be ready at the beginning of November and can be visited by interested parties. There are also showcase buildings available to visit virtually.

For more information, please contact:
Ulla-Britt Krämer, project leader:, +316 212 183 19.

Mariska van der Meer, communication advisor,, +316 305 632 67

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