HSB Living Lab goes international

30 August 2019
Evdoxia Kouraki demonstrating HSB Living Lab to international visitors.

In early September 2019, Evdoxia Kouraki and Emma Sarin will travel to Thessaloniki, Greece to present HSB Living Lab at the Open Living Lab Days conference. The reason is that HSB Living Lab has become a member of the European Network of Living Labs, with the aim of gaining opportunities for collaborations and knowledge exchange.

“I’m very happy to take HSB Living Lab into this international context. The Living Lab concept is growing in Europe and we can learn a lot from each other,” says Evdoxia Kouraki from Johanneberg Science Park, who will travel to Thessaloniki together with the project manager of HSB Living Lab, Emma Sarin.

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) was formed in 2006 with the aim of promoting and enhancing user-driven innovation ecosystems, more precise the Living Labs concept globally. Today there are 135 active members, mainly from Europe but also the rest of the world. Since the Living Labs in the network represent a wide range of focus areas, different interest groups can be formed where members can initiate collaborations or receive expert advice.

In addition to being Johanneberg Science Park's representative in HSB Living Lab, Evdoxia Kouraki also project manages Gothenburg's involvement in the EU Interreg NSR project SCORE - Smart Cities and Open data RE-use where she, together with consultant Merit Kaal, this spring completed a guide for integration and testing in Urban Living Labs. In this work she had already enjoyed the benefits of ENoLL.

“We were able to use a lot of their documentation to create a step-by-step process. Now we can share our work so that more people and organisations can discover the benefits of working in Living Labs and get started quickly,” she says.

The annual conference Open Living Lab Days is organized by ENoLL, and HSB Living Lab will be presented as one of twelve new members. This year focus will be on inspiration and networking, but in the future HSB Living Lab will have the opportunity to be a more active participant.

“Next year we may choose to arrange a workshop focused on some relevant issue in order to further sharpen the concept of HSB Living Lab and to create greater visibility,” says Evdoxia Kouraki.

HSB Living Lab
HSB Living Lab is a journey towards future housing. The idea of creating a living lab for research on sustainable living environment was born in 2010 and is now a reality. At Chalmers in Göteborg, students and researchers now live and work in order to test innovations and technical solutions for the next generation of housing. In the 29 apartments of the living lab, equipped with monitoring stations and sensors, 33 people live in a changing building where the walls, facades and interiors develop as the research progresses. HSB Living Lab is a collaboration between industry, city and academia. It is a unique and open arena to create future sustainable living environments. Main partners are Chalmers, HSB and Johanneberg Science Park. Collaboration partners are Tengbom, Peab, Akademiska Hus, Tieto, Electrolux, Bengt Dahlgren, Göteborg Energi, Elfa, Vedum. #HSBLivingLab


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