A great match from the Master Thesis Fair - Energy

5 May 2023
Mahantha Ampavatina Kambagiri

Mahantha Ampavatina Kambagiri was one of the many master students who were matched with companies during the Master Thesis Fair with focus on Energy that was arranged in October 2022. He is now completing his thesis at RISE and we asked him a couple of questions about it.

What´s the name of your master thesis?
The name of my master thesis is ‘Large Scale V2G Simulations for Frequency Stability’. The thesis is a part of the SCALE project, which aims to advance smart charging infrastructure and facilitate mass deployment of electric vehicles. 

What’s the subject?
The aim of the thesis is to study the role of V2G service when provided by EVs in contributing to the frequency stability of a low inertia power system. It is a simulation-based thesis in PSS/E.

What is your experience of Master Thesis Fair - Energy?
The Master Thesis Fair – Energy is a great platform for the students to meet different companies. I met Mattias Persson from RISE at the master thesis fair last year and we had a nice conversation about the company and the thesis that was being offered. This helped me greatly in deciding not only on what I wanted to work with, but also who to work with.

What was the best part of doing your master thesis at RISE?
The best part of doing my thesis at RISE is that I get to work with experienced people. They are always willing to help and share knowledge with each other. Mattias is a great mentor who is very experienced in power systems. I enjoy working with him. The entire team provides good company as well.

What is your best tip to student coming to our Master Thesis Fair – Energy 2023?  
My advice to the students would be to engage in good conversations with the companies. Be upfront and get as many details about the company as you can and try to get an understanding of their work culture. Also, stay connected with the company representatives after the fair, so that they remember who you are.

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