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8 February 2022
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Companies can not afford to lag behind in their sustainability work. Business opportunities, talent and competitiveness are lost. In addition, demands from authorities are increasing. The P4SME project focuses on finding methods that make the job easier. Science parks from Spain, Estonia and Sweden are participating in the project to share knowledge and exchange experiences.

The transition to a sustainable society and business is more relevant than ever. For companies, it is about managing and reducing the imprint they themselves make in their value chain.

As a company, it can be a challenge to know at which end to start to define strategies, goals and key figures that lead to better sustainability results.

- We meet companies regularly and also have networks where we can support companies in such a process. In P4SME, we get access to new insights and tools to sharpen our support, says Sofia Ganslandt at Johanneberg Science Park.

The most recent meeting focussed on methods for Ecological sustainability. This may, for example, involve reviewing the production of goods and services so that it does not compromise on the carrying capacity of ecosystems. To make efforts that facilitate a transition to a low-carbon economy, develop an environmental policy and work actively to minimize emissions or are energy efficient in various ways. Good examples of measures were presented from all partners. 

The guest lecturer Lucija Marvot from the organization Circular Change from Slovenia gave an inspiring lecture with examples of circular business models and sustainable lifestyles, as well as solutions at the societal level. Ljubljana was chosen in 2016 as Europe's greenest city.

- We also received several interesting suggestions on how we can support with information and coaching for specific EU calls in the area of ​​sustainability, says Björn Westling at Johanneberg Science Park.

Together, P4SME creates a toolbox that will be shared with more organizations working with business development. A knowledge bank that is currently growing and sharpening. 

Partners: FUNDECYT Science and Technology Park of Extremadura (SP), Johanneberg Science Park (SE), Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol (EE)) 

Projekttid: 210701-220630

Projektet finansieras av Europeiska unionens Horisont 2020 forsknings- och innovationsprogram under bidragsavtal nr 970887.

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