Delft visit for knowledge exchange

17 May 2019
Stina Rydberg

Johanneberg Science Park visited Delft for two days in May. The purpose was to get input and exchange of experience on policy issues and for replication of local energy systems in other cities within Europe. Participants were researchers, a municipality, consultants and campus developers.

The focus of the discussions was to take inventory of the barriers and opportunities that arise when replicating the FED marketplace to the Netherlands. It was also to encourage information sharing among the individuals present.

The visit was arranged in collaboration with the Urban Energy Platform at Delft University of Technology, which connects researchers and students that work on Urban Energy themes.

The activities are connected to the FED project as they aid in gaining a better understanding of the barriers that may stand in the way or the opportunities that may open doors. The FED project gains insight about how and when to best replicate to the Netherlands. Just as information is acquired about the Dutch context, the project has also visited Aalborg City for the same purpose. During these visits to both the Netherlands and Denmark, valuable connections are also established which may aid in future replication.

Aalborg City and Delft have been chosen as initial replication locations based on a myriad of factors. The networks within the project contain contacts in both countries. Both countries also have similar electrical infrastructure and legal frameworks. While in Aalborg City, no additional connections are found, the Netherlands is further supported by the involvement of a Dutch Urban Innovative Action expert as well as a Dutch intern. By choosing contexts that are most similar to the current project, it is hoped that replication will be easier.

“It was a very inspiring visit where we learned many new things. The audience was also very interested in the information that we could provide. We see high potential for further collaboration,” Stina Rydberg.

In connection to the visit, Stina Rydberg also gave a presentation about the FED project at the Urban Energy Platform. Here more than fifty students and professionals were in attendance, asking insightful questions and absorbing the information.


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