The City of Gothenburg wants to be one of 100 climate-neutral cities in Europe

1 February 2022
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Last Friday, the City of Gothenburg sent a declaration of interest to the EU Commission to show its commitment and interest in becoming one of Europe's first 100 Climate Neutral Cities. Johanneberg Science Park has participated in the preparation with the application in collaboration with a number of organizations.

Through the so-called EU Mission for Climate-Neutral Cities actors from all sectors needs to gather municipalities, business, academia, civil society and government. In Sweden, 93 percent of the population will live in a city by 2050, which is why cities are so important in dealing with the climate crisis. Here, the Climate Contract, which is drawn up with the support of the European Commission, will be an important tool.

- It is a strong and impressive work that has been done. And a proof of the will and power that exists in the local and regional innovation system, says Eva Pavic, project manager at Johanneberg Science Park.

Within Horizon Europe, the EU's framework program for research and innovation, the European Commission runs the mission of 100 climate-neutral and smart cities, which aims to coordinate and drive Europe's cities' work on climate change.

The goal is at least 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 and that more cities will be inspired to follow to become climate-neutral by 2050. The program contributes almost 360 million euros in start-up funding in 2021 - 2023 to support the goal and additional funds will to be added after that. The City of Gothenburg sees the mission as a tool that will contribute to the city being able to reach the climate goal by 2030, and it is therefore important to become one of the designated 100 cities.

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