Akademiska Hus new innovation partner in Johanneberg Science Park

15 December 2020
A Working Lab, Johanneberg Science Park / Photo: Felix Gerlach

Johanneberg Science Park strengthens its ties with property owner Akademiska Hus. The companies already work closely together to develop the southern campus area of Chalmers University of Technology. Now the ambition is strengthened to initiate and run innovation projects with a focus on real estate, energy and mobility, together with other partners.

As one of Sweden's largest real estate companies, Akademiska Hus owns, develops and manages educational environments for universities and colleges throughout the country. Since 2011 the company has worked, together with Johanneberg Science Park and Chalmersfastigheter, to create an attractive cluster for urban development at the southern part of campus Johanneberg of Chalmers University of Technology. The ambition reached a peak in 2019 when the innovative office building A Working Lab of Akademiska Hus was ready and the company moved its own Gothenburg office here. Johanneberg Science Park and Akademiska Hus also have good experiences of collaborating in the EU projects Fossil-Free Energy Districts (FED) and IRIS Smart Cities.

A Working Lab is the name of both the building and Akademiska Hus' concept for collaboration and flexible meeting places, whose first location was Johanneberg Science Park. Already in the construction phase, the project included a number of innovative solutions, such as a wooden construction, energy solutions and a digital twin of the building. The fact that Akademiska Hus is now fully a partner in Johanneberg Science Park opens opportunities for more innovative and collaborative projects in the building and on campus.

— The innovation arena A Working Lab is a physical place where we can exchange ideas and explore cutting edge technology for a sustainable urban development industry. This is where projects, innovations and development that stretch from the local to the global start, in close collaboration with academia, business and public actors. Now we look forward to scale up our collaboration with Johanneberg Science Park and develop the innovation arena together, says Ulf Däversjö, director of innovation and sustainable development at Akademiska Hus.

— Akademiska Hus and Johanneberg Science Park share the vision of creating a sustainable urban development through innovation. With their commitment in our company, we will further our ambition to form strong collaborations and achieve this vision. From a national perspective, Akademiska Hus can also contribute a lot of knowledge and opportunities to ensure that sustainable innovations are spread throughout the country, says Mats Bergh, CEO of Johanneberg Science Park.


For more information, contact:

Mats Bergh, CEO

+46 708 16 75 94 mats.bergh@johannebergsciencepark.com LinkedIn