MoJo - Sustainable mobility service for employees at Campus Johanneberg

Electrical cars at Chalmers

During the autumn of 2020 and just over a year ahead, a number of employees of Chalmers University of Technology and other companies operating on its Johanneberg campus will be testing a new mobility concept. Through an app they will easily be able to book and administer shorter work-related travels. They will also get access to different types of sustainable vehicles such as electric cars, electric bicycles and public transport. The purpose is to promote sustainable travel among the employees and to increase the attractiveness of the area.


Finding ways to use vehicles collectively with the aim of reducing climate impact and better utilize centrally located property, currently used as parking spaces, is a growing trend that urban planners throughout Europe are working to develop. In Gothenburg the concept EC2B has been successfully implemented in the newly built Housing Association Brf Viva, as part of the EU-project IRIS Smart Cities. In the project MoJo the service will be developed further. 

The goal is to demonstrate the concept in close cooperation with service providers, property owners and employers for a year and a half. In a first phase, between 300-500 users will have access to the service, which will include physical resources such as electric bikes and cars (including the already existing electric car-pool Move About) at four hubs located on campus, as well as access to public transport. The project will also prepare for a possible commercial procurement of a joint mobility service in the area when the project ends.

You who are employed by any partner in MoJo have the opportunity to test the mobility service.

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A webinar was arranged on June 10 for all partners' empoloyees.
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The project MoJo is a collaboration between EC2B, Chalmers University of TechnologyChalmersfastigheter, Akademiska Hus, HSB, Johanneberg Science Park and Smart Resenär i Sverige. It is coordinated by EC2B and goes on between November 2019 and October 2021. The Swedish Energy Agency is contributing with just over SEK 1.6 million. 


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