Smart charging infrastructure – learnings from Utrecht

EV charging in Utrecht
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Time & date29 April 2021 - 09:30
Cost: Free

Gothenburg is investigating it – Utrecht has developed it. During this two-hour workshop we dive into the subject of replicating solutions from one European city to another in order to save time and resources in our common strive towards a more sustainable society. The hands-on example for this workshop is the electric vehicle (EV) charging solution developed and demonstrated by the City of Utrecht.

Through the collaboration IRIS Smart Cities, the City of Gothenburg has initiated discussions with Utrecht on how to implement a similar solution. Together we investigate what should be the next step.

We expect stakeholders from the two cities as well as other IRIS Smart Cities participants, but the workshop is also open to other municipal or private actors who have an interest in public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

We aim to learn more about and discuss the following issues:

  • Strategies on public and semi-public roll-out of charging infrastructure (prognosing future demand, data-driven roll-out, fast-charging strategies and charging logistics). 
  • Monitoring EV parking and misuse of EV parking spots with parking sensoring and data-management.
  • What does the City of Gothenburg need to consider before an eventual replication.

Program 9:30 - 11:30 (includes a short break at around 11:00)

  • Welcome short presentation of the IRIS-project, Eva Pavic, Johanneberg Science Park
  • Challenges and potential benefits for the EV solution for the city of Gothenburg, Jonas Eriksson, Parking Company-Gothenburg City  
  • Presentation of the EV solution by UtrechtMattijs Kok, City of Utrecht
  • Discussion in groups
  • Next Steps

Organized within IRIS - Smart Cities

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För mer information, kontakta:

Eva Edman Pavic, Project Coordinator

+46 721 63 28 64 LinkedIn