The Area


What makes a place a stimulating environment for learning, innovation and development? Is it the buildings, walkways and the design of the premises? Or is it the people who move and work there?


Johanneberg Science Park's activities will strengthen the area as a node, attract more companies to establish themselves in the area and create conditions for more collaboration between academia, business and society. The aim is to create new businesses and more jobs. A work that is done in close collaboration with Chalmers and our property owners.

Until now, we have gathered some of West Sweden's most attractive companies within our focus areas. Their engagement has resulted in a variety of projects, several of which directly contribute to the development of the area and in which Chalmers is a partner; HSB Living Lab, Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing, Fossil Free Energy Districts (FED) and ElectriCity are a few high-profile examples.

In 2015, Johanneberg Science Park’s first landmark was opened for 400 people. The next building A Working Lab (in direct connection) with an additional office for 400 people opened in spring 2020 including coworking environment, maker space and learning lab . 

Johanneberg Science Park runs the strategic planning to strengen the meeting places - in collaboration with Chalmers, Chalmersfastigheter and Akademiska Hus.

We want to contribute to the creation of a vibrant learning environment with space for engineering consultancies and service companies, creative industries, students, residents, pensioners and café.

For more information, contact;

Mats Bergh, CEO

+46 708 16 75 94 LinkedIn