Reinforced Science Park environment

gatuvy på Lindholmen

Chalmers and Business Region Gothenburg have strategic responsibility for the Science Park environments at Johanneberg and Lindholmen. As founders, they want to bring together collaboration and innovation linked to mobility, energy and community building within the framework of a single science park in order to fully extract the synergy effects that are necessary - in line with the strong trend seen in sustainable social development in general.


Together, they have therefore chosen to start a process that aims to build one or more new program areas in energy and community building at Lindholmen Science Park, which will integrate experiences and collaboration from today's Johanneberg Science Park. The aim is to strengthen Lindholmen Science Park to be a world class open innovation and collaboration environment.

At the same time, the founders propose an orderly liquidation of the Johanneberg Science Park company over approximately two years. A decision was made by the founders in February. On June 2nd Lindholmen Science Park was given the task to start a preliminary study for a broadened initiative. The preliminary study will be completed in December 2023.

As a consequence, Johanneberg Science Park now is entering a phase of change and decommissioning. CEO Mats Bergh has been a key person in the development of the company and during his 12 years as a valued CEO of the company he has contributed with broad competence and great commitment. Given the new conditions for the company, the board and CEO agree that Mats will now leave the role as CEO of Johanneberg Science Park.

The board of Johanneberg Science Parks has appointed Annika Viberud, with extensive experience in change management, as new CEO. Annika takes over as CEO in June and most recently came from a role as CEO of PRI Stiftelsetjänst AB. Annika's mission is to lead the orderly liquidation and work to ensure that Johanneberg's Science Park's values ​​and experiences are used. Our projects will continue as usual, but changes may occur within the framework of each project.

Contact for questions
Anna Nilsson Ehle, Chairman of the Board. Johanneberg Science Park,, +46 709 96 76 00
Annika Viberud, CEO,, +46 704 83 00 39 
Eva Hellberg, Head of Communications,, +46 709 58 21 10