About us

Johanneberg Science Park - Sweden's leading collaborative arena for urban development. We co-generate innovations for a society that is good for people and the environment. We bring together academia, society and a variety of large and small companies. Together we run national and international innovation projects and test solutions for future challenges.


Our mission
Johanneberg Science Park is a neutral, non-profit arena for exchanges of ideas and knowledge between academia, business and societal actors in the areas of urban development, energy and materials. As one of six Science Parks in western Sweden, Johanneberg Science Park's activities aim to strengthen the region's attractiveness, competitiveness and growth potential.

Our mission is to offer a hub for knowledge that, both physically and intellectually, attracts many different stakeholders to work together on equal terms for increased competitiveness, renewal and growth. We do this partly by creating broad collaborative initiatives and work actively to establish new demonstration facilities and research projects, but also by developing a vibrant collaborative environment with premises and services that attract both, companies, researchers, students and the general public.

Our owners and partners
Johanneberg Science Park was founded by the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation and the City of Gothenburg, who are currently owners together with a growing partner network of private and municipal companies: AB Volvo, Akademiska Hus, Bengt Dahlgren AB, Förvaltnings AB Framtiden, Göteborg Energi, HSB, IC Energy AB, MölnDala Fastighets AB, Norconsult AB, Peab AB, Riksbyggen, Tyréns AB, Skanska, Volvo Cars, Wallenstam and White architects. Strategic partners are also Chalmersfastigheter and Region Västra Götaland.

Our network also includes over 200 small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), the West Sweden Chemicals and Materials Cluster with about fifty member organizations, and the Celsius Initiative which brings together over 60 European cities working for the transition to sustainable energy systems for heating and cooling.

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Our competence
To meet society's challenges while striving to create a future that is sustainable based on ecological, economic and social aspects, we gather cutting-edge expertise from our partners who, together with our own skilled project managers, enable the creation of innovative development projects. With a big and open heart, we care about the vision-driven and co-creative process that creates social benefit in the projects we run or participate in.

Our main focus lay on the areas of urban development, energy and materials, in which we have been entrusted with coordinating a number of major assignments. For example, we are a strategy node within the Swedish Energy Agency's work with sector strategies for energy efficiency. We coordinate two focus areas within Climate 2030 – Västra Götaland in transition; Healthy and climate-smart homes and buildings as well as Larger market for bio-based materials and fuels. We host the West Sweden Chemicals and Materials Cluster, which runs the Vinnväxt-winning initiative Climate-Leading Process Industry. On behalf of the City of Gothenburg, we also hold the coordination responsibility of a number of major EU projects, such as IRIS Smart Cities, Fossil-free Energy Districts (FED) and SCORE.

Our team for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) has a great understanding of the needs of these organizations and can guide them to increased innovative abilities and development, and our communication team ensures that knowledge from our projects is spread in a wider circle.

Our story
Our story begins in 2010 when Chalmers University of Technology and the City of Gothenburg wanted to repeat the success of, then 10-year-old, Lindholmen Science Park, which transformed an old, deserted shipyard area into a bustling IT hub, with collaborating companies and new jobs. Now it was the somewhat forgotten southern part of Chalmers’ campus Johanneberg, adjacent to the Mossen recreational and nature area, that was to be developed. Chalmers Teknikpark already existed here, and since Johanneberg Science Park was formed, three new office buildings, with two lunch restaurants, café and workplaces for almost 2,000 people, have been built. Seminars, conferences and workshops are now held here, and new collaboration ideas are born at the coffee tables.

The network of owners and partners also grew gradually, and several collaborative projects were physically manifested in the area. HSB Living Lab, where about 30 students and guest researchers live while research is ongoing, is an example. Riksbyggens Housing Association Viva, Sweden's most sustainable residential building, is a result of the collaboration platform Positive Footprint Housing and during a five-year test period, bus line 55 operated the route between Lindholmen Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park as part of the ElectriCity collaboration.

The project portfolio grew steadily and from 2017 Johanneberg Science Park ran a number of prestigious EU projects on behalf of the City of Gothenburg. These include Fossil-free Energy Districts (FED) which created a local market for electricity, heating and cooling on Chalmers’ campus and IRIS Smart Cities where Gothenburg is one of three lighthouse cities that will develop smart solutions in energy, mobility and ICT to be replication in Europe.

Today, Johanneberg Science Park is involved in several innovation collaborations where the focus is on entire districts rather than individual houses. Forsåker in Mölndal and Landvetter Södra are two examples of this.

The area
Johanneberg Science Park is located in the Johanneberg district in central Gothenburg. On the one hand, it borders the Mossen recreational and nature area and on the other side it is connected to the campus of Chalmers University of Technology, where around 2,000 researchers and 10,000 students work and study. About 80 knowledge-intensive companies and organizations also operate in the area.

The Johanneberg Science Park area currently consists of three building complexes. Chalmers Teknikpark, A Working Lab and the two connected yellow and black houses.

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The Area

Johanneberg Science Park is located in the Johanneberg district in central Gothenburg. On the one hand, it borders the Mossen recreational and nature ...


Johanneberg Science Park's development is driven by its partners. In our partner network, there are actors who complement each other in different area...

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