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Do you also think that shared spaces in apartment buildings could be more including, more resourceful, more fun? Join our Shared Space Challenge and get the chance to win €10 000 to see your idea realised in a real-world setting at HSB Living Lab, situated in Gothenburg, Sweden! 

We welcome companies, researchers, students and any others that has an idea, prototype or innovation that could result in increase utilisation of shared spaces in apartment buildings. Preferably should it also increase resource-use efficiency, or decrease environmental impact.

You submit your idea in the format of a video recording to illustrate how it benefits an apartment building's shared space. The winner is announced in March 2018 and receives €10 000 to develop and implement the idea into the shared space of HSB Living Lab. 

If you have any question on the challenge, please have a look at the Q&A section found below, or e-mail us at . Please also note that a thorough challenge manual will be e-mailed to you once you sign up!

Timeline Shared Space Challenge

Above is the planned timeline for the Shared Space Challenge. Note that the idea hackathon is optional. 

A brief background

94% of the population in Sweden live in municipalities with housing shortage - a number that has increased heavily over the last few years. This is today mainly solved by building more houses and in a higher pace, but we also need to see how we can dispose the building’s areas more efficiently. What areas need to be private? And what can we share with our neighbours? And how? 

Furthermore, due to energy consuming activities such as heating, cooling and lighting, buildings account for approximately 40% of climate gas emissions in Europe. With the rapidly increasing importance of living more sustainable, we need to ensure that we use the available space in the buildings as efficiently as possible. Shared spaces in apartment buildings is a common sight, and often used to a low degree, making the importance of better utilization an important question for the future not only for the real estate industry - but for everyone. 


Please watch the video below for more information on the HSB Living Lab.

About Shared Space Challenge

The challenge opens January 1, 2018 and is led by Johanneberg Science Park in collaboration with Chalmers and HSB. The challenge is open to students, ...

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Here is the timeline for the Shared Space Challenge....

HSB Living Lab

Johanneberg Science Park, HSB och Chalmers har initierat HSB Living Lab, ett levande labb med forskning på hållbar boendemiljö....

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