Innovation challenge winning entry to be tested in HSB Living Lab

2 June 2017
Innovation challenge

Vinnova has granted funding for an innovation competition with the goal of developing digital concepts within a shared economy. The winners will get the chance to test their entries in the HSB Living Lab. The competition will be launched this spring and will be led by Johanneberg Science Park in collaboration with Chalmers and HSB.

That housing construction needs to be increased at a faster rate is obvious to most of us. But we also need to start looking at how to allocate the square metres of living space at our disposal. Which areas need to be private? And which functions and surfaces can actually be shared with other people?

“The innovation competition is our way of finding digital solutions related to increased social interaction, a shared economy and efficient use of shared spaces in apartment buildings. One goal is to increase the use of the housing cooperative’s mutually shared facilities,” says Björn Westling, competition manager.

The HSB Shared Space Technology Challenge is open to researchers and students at European universities and European companies. HSB Living Lab residents will choose between the entries in the first round. The competitors will then get the chance to interact with the residents to refine their proposals. HSB Living Lab affiliate companies will also be in contact with the competitors during the competition, as well as when it comes to judging the competition entries.

“The first prize winner will have the opportunity to see their entry implemented in the HSB Living Lab. Furthermore, the three best solutions will be presented to the HSB housing cooperatives for possible large-scale implementation. The solutions may also be further developed and funded by the HSB Living Lab’s research fund,“ says Emma Sarin, project manager at HSB Living Lab.

The project will be led by Johanneberg Science Park in collaboration with Chalmers and HSB, together with a reference group of HSB Living Lab affiliates. The competition will be launched in the spring.

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Björn Westling
Director of SME Relations

Björn Westling

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