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Johanneberg Science Park – meeting point for enterprise, research and development. We strengthen competitiveness, attractiveness and growth. Focus areas: Urban Development, Energy, Materials & Nano Technology. #johannebergsp

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Our role is to broker, formulate and sometimes run projects, but more often involves training and coaching companies to lead collaborative projects themselves. We act as an intermediary between networks, contacts and skills.


Göteborg Energi embraces full-scale innovation

Individual solutions with local energy production and more renewable energy is a trend. Why does a utility company engage in a project like FED? Won’t it risk to lose a lot of customers if FED becomes a success and replicates?


New project about open data

Nine cities around Europe, with Amsterdam at the forefront, will collaborate in SCORE – SMART CITIES AND OPEN DATA RE-USE. The project involves opening up data, lowering the thresholds for collaboration between companies in different countries, and pushing for the development of new innovative solutions and common standards for EU countries. This will lead to accelerated digitalisation in Sweden.

Ongoing projects

Johanneberg Science Park creates open and attractive interaction platforms for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge between academia, industry, research institutes and society actors. By close cooperation with EU we also reach higher goals.


Research, innovation and development center that promotes accessible living environments and wellbeing technology....


ElectriCity – cooperation on tomorrow’s public transport...

HSB Living Lab

Johanneberg Science Park, HSB and Chalmers have initiated HSB Living Lab, a living lab for research on sustainable living environment....

Meeting point for Enterprise, Research and Development

We strengthen competitiveness, attractiveness and growth in West Sweden.

Business development

Johanneberg Science Park supports companies that want to strengthen their competitiveness and growth potential through innovation projects with other companies, universities and institutes.

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We are continuously seeking new partners for future applications and ongoing projects....


As a partner, you get access to a strong network to develop your own business....

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As a tenant, you are offered a creative and stimulating environment with access to meeting places, networking activities, conference facilities as wel...

Network for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

At Johanneberg Science Park, we are convinced that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the region's and the country's future growth engines. Become a member of our SMEs network and take part in a series of benefits.

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