• Now Sweden will show to the world how the future of urban development might look like. Controllable Urban Soundscape and the HSB Living Lab accommodation concept are two innovations from Gothenburg which have been selected to be presented at the 2nd International Conference for Smart Cities in India. 
  • White was the big winner when the Glaspriset awards were distributed in Stockholm on April 8th, where the “cluster for the future” at Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg received the sector's most prestigious award.
  • Johanneberg Science Park is a cooperative environment at Chalmers and in central Gothenburg that encourages academia, business and community stakeholders to exchange ideas and knowledge. Stage 1 of the area's development plan was recently completed and we are now planning stage 2 – a cooperative environment where tenants and researchers take part in innovative projects.
  • The goal is sustainable development and growth. One step along this path is to turn Western Sweden into a focal point in the process of converting to a society that is independent of fossil fuels. At the start of 2016, Johanneberg Science Park became the new owner of the West Sweden Chemicals and Materials Cluster.
  • Organisations based in the west of Sweden with wide experience of major collaborative projects have jointly produced new methods to ensure more effective collaborations. Eight tools to drive innovation projects forward are being presented on 3 March.
  • HSB was one of the first partners of Johanneberg Science Park. Along with co-owners and partners, we, at Johanneberg Science Park, develop projects that give something extra than what can fit within the traditional business activities. HSB Living Lab is a representative example.



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